Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 EPPIE Finalists

The Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC) is proud to present the 9th annual EPPIE Awards. These awards, which honor the finest electronically published books of the year, will be presented at the EPPIE Banquet during EPICon 2009.

Category 1 - Action/Adventure
• Beneath the Surface by Suzanne Perazzini—Wild Child Publishing
• Hollywood Havoc: The Trouble With Fat Boy by John Klawitter—Double Dragon Publishing
• Mogollon Rim: Seeds of Destruction by Darrell Bain—Twilight Times Books
• The Red Dragon by Clifford Gissell—Whiskey Creek Press

Category 2 - Anthology - Complete (Fiction)
• Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad by Danielle Ackley-McPhail (Senior Editor), James Chambers, Bernie Mojzes, Trisha Wooldridge, Christy Tohara, C.S. Haviland , L. Jagi Lamplighter, Elaine Corvidae, Den C. Wilson, Skyla Dawn Cameron, Lorne Dixon, Steven Earl Yoder, CJ Henderson, Brian Koscienski, Chris Pisano, Lee C. Hillman, James Daniel Ross, Steven Mangold, Jason Franks, Phil Brucato, John Passarella, Jeff Lyman—Marietta Publishing
• The Veil and Other Tales by Chris Neeley—Forbidden Publications
• The Vernal Equinox of Death and Kisses by Antonio Hopson—SynergEbooks, Publisher

Category 3 - Anthology – Complete (Non-Fiction)
• Inside Scoop: Articles about Acting and Writing by Hollywood Insiders and Published Authors by Marilyn Peake, Editor (contributors: John Klawitter, Geoff Nelder, Sara Reinke, Rachel DeFriez, Larriane Wills, Michael J. Wallach, Michael A. Ventrella, Kenneth Dolin, Jo Kelly, Sue Thurman, Lincoln D. Bandlow, K.L.Nappier, Lee Barwood, J. Richard Jacobs)—Double Dragon Publishing
• Nothing But Red by Skyla Dawn Cameron, Editor—Lulu

Category 4 - Anthology - Complete (Romance/Erotica)
• EcoErotica by Selena Kitt, Editor—eXcessica Publishing
• In Deep Waters 2: Cruising the Strip by Radclyfe and Karin Kallmaker, Editor—Bold Stroke Books
• Mischief in Moonstone Series by Christine DeSmet—Whiskey Creek Press, Publisher
• Sexual Deceptions by Brenda Williamson and Rayne Forrest—Whiskey Creek Press, Publisher
• Three's Company by Angela James, Editor, Lorelei James, Jess Dee, Jayne Rylon—Samhain Publishing

Category 5 - Anthology - Single Title Story/Novella
• Busybodies and Dead Diamonds by C. J. Winters—Hard Shell Word Factory
• Sonata's Story by Christie Shary—Whiskey Creek Press
• Summersong by Sheri L. McGathy—Double Dragon Publishing

Category 7 - Anthology - Single Title Story/Novella (Romance/Erotica)
• If All The Sand Were Pearl by Pepper Espinoza—Samhain Publishing
• Moor Love by Carol Lynne—Total-e-Bound Publishing
• No Fear In Love by Jamie Craig—Samhain Publishing
• Oh My God by Ashlyn Chase—Total-e-Bound Publishing
• The Fire God's Woman by Brenna Lyons—Phaze Books
• Walk Among Us by Vivien Dean—Samhain Publishing

Category 8 - Children/Young Adult
• Moonlight Dancer by Mona Ingram—Wild Rose Press
• Rainbow Sheep by Kim Chatel—Guardian Angel Publishing
• Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery by Christine Verstraete—Echelon Press: Quake

Category 9 - Contemporary Romance
• Codename: Romeo by Kathryn Attalla—Freya's Bower
• Love with a Welcome Stranger by Lynnette Baughman—Wild Rose Press
• One Night in Memphis by Allie Boniface—Samhain Publishing
• Southern Exposure by Kimberley Dehn—Wings ePress
• The Seduction of Shamus O'Rourke by N. J. Walters—Samhain Publishing

Category 10 - Contemporary Erotic Romance
• Erotic Research by Mari Carr—Samhain Publishing
• July Vintage by Jamie Craig—Amber Quill Press
• One For The Team by Jet Mykles—Loose-Id
• Teaching Molly by Desiree Holt—Ellora's Cave Romantica
• The Flavor of Summer by Lyra Marlowe—Loose-Id
• Til Death Do We Part by Madison Layle and Anna Leigh Keaton—Cobblestone Press
• Winds of Fortune by Radclyffe—Bold Strokes Book

Category 11 - Erotica
• A Good Student by Elliot Mabeuse—eXcessica Publishing
• Oh Yum! Impulsive Pleasures by KyAnn Waters—Ellora's Cave Romantica
• Teddi Turns On by Sloane Taylor—Aspen Mountain Press

Category 12 - Fantasy
• Bloodlines by Skyla Dawn Cameron—Mundania Press LLC
• Eagle of the Kingdom by Joanne Hall—epress-online
• Tarbaby Trouble by Phoebe Matthews—BookStrand
• The Dragonslayer's Sword by Resa Nelson—Mundania Press LLC
• Willing Sacrifice by Gloria Oliver—Zumaya Publications

Category 13 - Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
• Final Words by Teri Thackston—Cerridwen Press
• Sherwood Charade by Mimi Riser—Amber Quill Press
• The Gelidus Factor by Patricia Otto—Cerridwen Press
• Welcome to Mudflat, Baby by Phoebe Matthews—BookStrand

Category 14 - Fantasy/Paranormal Erotic Romance
• A Wolf At Her Door by Kate Willoughby—Ellora's Cave
• Animal Attraction by Paige Tyler—Whiskey Creek Press
• Curses by Cindy Spencer Pape—Wild Rose Press
• Dangerous by Monica Burns—Samhain Publishing
• Eternal Brothers by N. J. Walters—Ellora's Cave
• Jackie and the Beanstalk by Jacqueline Meadows—Ellora's Cave
• Mercy of These Bones by Vivien Dean—Liquid Silver Books
• Mosaic Moon by Jamie Craig—Amber Quill
• Nature's Pentacle by Eden Rivers—Loose-Id

Category 15 - GLBT
• A Spirit of Vengeance by Angela Benedetti—Torquere Press
• Beyond the Reef by A.J. Llewellyn—eXtasy Books
• Orientation by Rick R. Reed—Amber Quill Press
• Phoenix Rising by Kimberly Gardner—MLR Press
• Strictly Business by Cat Grant—Lyrical Press
• Tabula Rasa by Tory Temple—Torquere Press: Top Shelf
• Tinder by Tory Temple—Torquere Press: Screwdrivers

Category 16 - Historical/Western Fiction
• Gold, a Tale of the California Gold Rush by Steve Bartholomew—epress-online
• Saving Mattie by Phil Dunlap—Sundowners and Mountain View Publishing
• The Goodbye Trail by Del Garrett—Whiskey Creek Press
• Tomorrow's Promise: Survival on the Plains by D.L. Rogers—Awe-Struck E-Books

Category 17 - Historical/Western Romance
• Draegon's Lair by Linda Ciletti—Wings ePress
• Kentucky Green by Terry Irene Blain—Wings ePress
• Silverhills by Sandra Cox—Cerridwen Press
• Song of My Heart by Barbara Baldwin—Samhain Publishing
• Sweet Serenity by Catherine Stang—Whiskey Creek Press

Category 18 - Historical/Western Erotic Romance
• Mirage by Monica Burns—Samhain Publishing
• Stealing Northe by Jamie Craig—Amber Quill Press
• Stealing West by Jamie Craig—Amber Quill Press

Category 19 - Horror
• Death Masks by Kim Richards—Eternal Press
• Pit-Stop by Ben Larken—LL-Publications
Category 20 - Inspirational Fiction
• Joshua's Hope by Carol Ann Erhardt—Wild Rose Press
• Shadow of the Soul by Sylvia Rochester—Wings ePress
• The Keeper's Promise by Penelope Marzec—Awe-Struck E-Books

Category 21 - Mystery/Suspense
• High Risk by Rick R. Reed—Amber Quill Press
• Just Add Trouble by Jinx Schwartz—Treble Heart Books: WhoooDoo Mysteries
• One Too Many by Marie-Nicole Ryan—Samhain Publishing
• Ready for the Defense by Mike Langan—Treble Heart Books: WhoooDoo Mysteries

Category 22 - Mystery/Suspense/Horror Romance
• Candy, Corpses and Classified Ads by J L Wilson—Wild Rose Press
• Chasing Shadows by Erin Richards—Cerridwen Press
• Deception by Sharon Cullen—Samhain Publishing
• Hot Shot by M.J. Fredrick—Samhain Publishing
• Just a Memory by Lois Carroll—Echelon Press

Category 23 - Mystery/Suspense/Horror Erotic
• Dominion by Jamie Craig—Amber Quill Press
• If Not For You by J L Wilson—Cerridwen Press
• Jackson's Jewel by N. J. Walters—Ellora's Cave Romantica

Category 24 - Non-Fiction, General
• Dog: Pure Awareness by Margot Lasher—Twilight Times Books
• Tinsel Wilderness by John Klawitter—Double Dragon Publishing

Category 25 - Non-Fiction, Self-Help
• A Core Curriculum for Creative Writing by Barri Bryan—Whiskey Creek Press
• The Curse of the Manuscript Eating Slushpile Monster by Cindy Appel—Uncial Press
• The Power of Promotional Groups by Karen Wiesner—Twilight Times Books
• The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing by Mayra Calvani—Twilight Times Books

Category 26 - Poetry
• Burnt Coffee by Larry Rochelle—AuthorsDen
• New and Easy Poems by John Blandly—SynergEbooks
• Rollicking Anthropomorphisms and Other Observations on the Human Condition by Richard Satterlie—Whiskey Creek Press

Category 27 - Science Fiction
• Blade Dancer by K M Tolan—Champagne Books
• Hobson's Planet by John Paulits—Wings ePress
• The Infinite Instant by Danielle L. Parker—Lachesis Publishing

Category 28 - Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance
• A Greater Art by Ainsley Davidson—Amira Press
• Game Time by Mary Ann Chulick—Cerridwen Press
• Prophesied by Liz Craven—Samhain Publishing
• Undercover Alien by Barbara Romo—Crescent Moon Press

Category 29 - Science Fiction/Futuristic Erotic Romance
• Desperate Alliance by Robie Madison—Ellora's Cave
• In Service by Mima—Loose-Id
• Law's Deliverance by Melany Logen—Loose-Id

Category 30 - Single Story - Mainstream
• Embezzled Love by Ginger Simpson—LBF Books
• Glory Girls by Linda Bleser—Cerridwen Press
• Over The Wall by Trisha FitzGerald-Petri—Wings ePress


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