Sunday, October 12, 2008

EPICon Seeking Workshop Presenters

EPICon is now accepting proposal submissions for consideration for the 2009 conference to be held in Las Vegas City, NV March 5-8, 2009.

All workshops/panels must be geared toward the creation, production, and sale of eBooks. Workshops presented last year should not be submitted. We are looking for original presentations.

We are looking for specific topics which include, but are not limited to:

**Educational: (should include handouts - hard copy and electronic)
Craft of Writing
Editorial Process
Genre Writing
Effective Researching
Professional Etiquette for eBook Authors

Writing Effective Copy for Promotion
Marketing/Promoting eBooks
Developing Effective Marketing Strategies
Successful Events for eBooks
Niche Marketing/ Targeting Readers

Knowing your eBook Formats and Devices
Creating Unique Promotional Materials
Finding eBook Enthusiasts
Converting eBook Interest into Sales
Overcoming Creative Insecurity
Managing Life as an eBook Author

**Young Readers: (this is for the Saturday Young Author Track)
Writing eBooks for Young Readers
Developing Creativity
Finding Your Voice as a New Writer
What to Expect as a Writer

Please be creative in your topic submissions, but stay on course with what the EPICon attendees will find value in. If you have an idea for a workshop that you don't think fits into any of these categories or you are not sure, please send them anyway with a comment to that affect.

Your workshop proposal should include:

Legal Name:
E-Mail Address:
Web Site Address:
Workshop Title:
Workshop Synopsis: 150 word max
3-Bullet point list of benefits to attendees:
1-3 relevant credentials for presenting
Author Bio: 150 word max
Author Head Shot (jpg file 72 dpi) Optional, but preferred.

If your information is incomplete, your submission will be deleted without consideration.

Publishers interested in participating in panels should send:

Company Name:
Web Address:
Participating Editor/publisher Name:
Genres Published:
Company Bio: 150 word max
Do you wish to conduct editor/author interviews? ___Yes ___No

Please note: All workshops will be chosen according to the highest quality of value to the attendees. Not all submissions will be accepted. All proposals submitted will be considered equally, but the decision of the Board of Directors and the program coordinator will be final, without question.

Proposal submissions should be sent to Karen Syed at no later than November 1, 2008 to be considered.

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