Monday, September 22, 2008

Join the eRevolution

I'd like to welcome you to EPIC's eRevolution. For those of you who don't know what an eRevolution is, here's a short and sweet explanation: We live in a wonderful electronic age where virtuosity in the virtual world is the hot ticket. There are websites, online bookstores, and MySpace, Blogger, Twitter, iPhones, iTunes, iPods, Kindle, Live Journal, Facebook and some thing called Zwinky for you to join. As we tend to be visual creatures this is a plethora of information for our visual senses. If it isn't already online, it probably will be in the near future. Our children know more about this than the average adult.

But for writers there is an organization called EPIC that caters to the e-published world. We are an industry organization of e-authors, e-publishers, and e-editors who exchange information and ideas on a daily basis. We have a yearly contest for the best in e-books called the EPPIEs as well as the yearly EPICon. This organization offers the e-published author information of how to promote their career, how their contract really works, and help on issues in the virtual world. While publishing is publishing and books are books, e-books and e-publishing do have some differences from what most people are used to when getting or writing books. First and foremost being, the books are produced on the computer and are exclusively read through some sort of e-books reader or on one's computer.

This is the place for you to learn the nuances of the e-publishing world in hopes of bringing you to our side of the fence. We have a lot to sit back and buckle in...and again, welcome to the eRevolution!

Carol MacLeod
EPIC President


Judy Griffith Gill (judyinthejungle) said...

I'd love to participate, but can't figure out how. Maybe if the eRevolution site gave some "Tips for Dummies" (like me), there'd be more authors posting blogs and promoting not only their own books, but electronic publishing as a whole.

Anonymous said...

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